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Managing Partner

JB Rusdiono, SE, AK, MM, BKP, CA, SH

Rusdiono has Bachelor’s degree in Economic, majoring in Accounting and Indonesian Law. He also has Master’s degree in Management from University of Indonesia (UI).


Giovanni Janitra, SE, PFM

Giovanni specializes in fields of Accounting, Financial Modelling, Internal Audit, and Taxation practices. He graduated with Bachelor of Economics from University of Indonesia in 2014.


Leander Resadhatu Rusdiono

Resadhatu specializes in Accounting, Business, and Taxation Practices. He graduated from Parahyangan University in 2017, Majoring in Accounting.

Our Services

Accounting Services
Financial Statements is tools to make a decision for every company. It shows the snapshot of the company’s financial position. With the effective control in financial, will help the company to growth.

Taxation Services
Tax always comes into crucial issues in any company’s operations. To comply with Indonesian tax regulation needs adequate understanding and accurate measures.

Transfer Pricing Documentation
We help to establish compliance with the requirements of the Indonesian tax authority and in accordance with the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines.

Internal Audit Services
Rusdiono Consulting helps your company and businesses accomplish your objectives by establishing systematic and organized approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

Financial Analysis and Financial Modeling Services
We have the relevant certification of Profesional Financial Modeler (PFM) to perform such services, as issued by the International Financial Modeling Institute (IFMI).

Services for UMKM
Rusdiono Consulting is fully committed to help in the training and development of human resource and UMKM institutional capacity in Indonesia.

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